Reviews and Publications



Must-See Shows in New York

Review by William Corwin

February 21, 2012



Not Politics As Usual

Review by Sabrina DeTurk


This Week In New York

The Insiders Guide to the City

April 4, 2012



Island Landscapes, but Not the Usual

Review by Steve Parks; August 2009



Joan Mitchell Foundation

Catalogue Essay

September 2009



Absolute Arts Magazine

Indepth Arts News: 8th Annual Arts Inter/National

January 12, 2009



Armenia Radio Hour

Giving Form to Faith

Review by June 22, 2008

Maral Temiz



The Queeens Courier

Exhibition in Romania

Review by Jessica Lyons

November 2, 2009


City Beat, Cincinnati Ohio

Art Review, Manifest Gallery

Review by Julie Bernzott

August 10, 2005


The Wave

From the Artists Studio

Review by Susan Hartenstein

Rockaway, New york, September 2, 2005